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Swisher SR84X039G ESP Safety Shelter

Swisher SR84X039G ESP Safety Shelter

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Brand: Swisher

Color: Gray


  • Bolt together design for ease of construction and relocation
  • Emergency panels for rapid shelter exit
  • Quick release sliding door design allows opening when blocked by debris and reduces space
  • Shielded air vents allow uninterrupted air flow
  • Up to 6 person residential

model number: SR84X039G

Part Number: SR84X039G

Details: ESP Safety Shelters (above-ground only) offer the ultimate in multi-purpose protection and security for you and loved ones against violent acts of nature and multiple threats posed by man. Made in the USA, ESP Safety Shelters will withstand the most extreme tornado activity and offer a safe zone against home invasion. It is preferable for the shelter to be installed within the interior of a residence. If you choose to install it outdoors, it must be within 150 feet of the residence it is intended to serve and must be protected from all external weather conditions. THIS SHELTER IS NOT WATERPROOF. The Swisher ESP Safety Shelter has undergone and passed testing at the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University. The ESP Shelter has been tested and withstood 9 impacts from 15lb. 2x4s traveling at 100 mph. These impacts are equivalent to the force produced by an F5 tornado with 250mph winds. In addition, each Shelter is verified to be in compliance with the National Storm Shelter Association(NSSA) standards. Each ESP Safety Shelter will meet or exceed all FEMA P320/P361 and ICC-500 Code requirements when all installation guidelines are met. All Shelters have been designed by Registered Structural Engineers and have undergone a rigorous 3rd party review process. FEMA P-320: "Having a safe room built for your home or small business can help provide 'near-absolute protection' from injury or death caused by the dangerous forces of extreme winds." These shelters are designed to be a DIY project, but once the shelter installation is completed, it must be inspected by a qualified inspector. Contact your local building inspector or find an engineer or architect in your area. Visit to find a pre-approved list of installation companies.

EAN: 0728172402223

Package Dimensions: 86.0 x 49.0 x 25.0 inches

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